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Sigulda - Livonian Switzerland

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Sigulda has become popular in attracting tourists because of its picturesque sorroundings, activities for tourists and historical sightseeing places.

    Sigulda is located on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley, 53 km from the capital city Riga in the south-west of the Gauja National park  - the largest in Latvia. The area was formerly sometimes known as the „Livonian Switzerland” and tourists started to visit it in the 19th century.

    The Sigulda area is also known for once-impressive castles – the Sigulda castle, the construction of which began in 1207, but was heavily damaged during the wars in the 16th and 17th centuries and now you can see the impressive ruins of the once important fortress.

    Gūtmanis cave – Latvia’s largest cave (16m long,about 10m high and wide) is connected with the tragic story of the Rose of Turaida. Flowing from the cave is a spring, the waters of which are regarded from antiquity as having curative properties since the cave is also an ancient cult site.

    The Turaida Museum reserve - a specially protected cultural monument. The main feature of the museum is the Turaida castle built in 1214 for the Bishop of Riga. The area of the reserve also includes the wooden Turaida Lutheran church (1750), the Folk Song park with sculptures by Indulis Ranka, the Grave of the Rose of Turaida and the 18th-29th century buildings of the Turaida Manor.

    Sigulda bobsleigh and luge track (built in 1986) is used for luge, skeleton and bobsleigh training and races, but visitors can also slide in a wheeled bobsleigh in summer and in the Vuchko in winter.

    "Aerodium Latvia" company, too, is based in Sigulda  The company owns and runs the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe.The company became known after the 2006 Torino XX Winter Olympic Games closing ceremonies, because Aerodium Latvia helped to produce the part of the show that featured flying acrobats. The tunnel blows a wind stream of 200 km/h within a diameter of 3,7 meters.

     Sigulda tour is a full day tour, during which you will see some of the above mentioned sites and some other.

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