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Walking Tour of the Old City + Art Nouveau in Riga

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Riga is known as an Art Nouveau capital city of Northern Europe.

    Old Riga is the heart of Riga, the city’s cradle. Since 1967 Riga’s Old Town has been under the protection of the state, and since 1997 Riga’s historical centre has been included in UNESCO’s List of World Heritage.

    Like any historic city Riga’s Old Town boasts of variety of buildings. The most important edifices from the Middle Ages are the redbrick Gothic buildings of St.Peter’s, St.Jacob’s and St.John’s churches and the Riga Dome.

    The few remaining medieval stone dwelling houses are built in the traditional style of the Hanseatic League cities – with narrow gables facing the street.A sign of prosperity of Riga’s merchants are a number of large late 17th century Baroque dwelling houses.

    The territory of Old Riga is not very large – about 0,5 km2, but during the walking tour you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of architectural styles, you’ll see the contrasts between fairly small houses and large church buildings, medieval dwelling houses and warehouses along with big office buildings that were built in the early 20th century.

    Riga is also known as Art Nouveau capital of Northern Europe.This architectural style was popular in Riga in the years 1899-1914. The whole central Riga is dotted with Art Noveau buildings.

The Art Nouveau movement saw three phases of development:

1. Decorative Art Nouveau is best seen in Alberta street, regarded as the most typical Art Nouveau street.

2. Buildings in the National Romantic style are located on Brivības street between Dzirnavu un Ģertrūdes streets.Typically they have raised grante foundations, stone portals and large windows, but comparatively sparse decoration.

3. Houses built in Rational style of Art Noveau with emphasized verticality of the facades may be seen at Lačplēša and Ģertrūdes streets.

Some of these magnificient buildings you’ll be able to see during your walking tour or city sightseeing tour.

Duration: 3 hours.

* Price per person. Individual excursions.
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